How it works

We will guide and help you

On this page we will explain and guide you, about how our website works and how you will be able to sign up, pay, upload properties and more.

If you have questions about something, that you cannot find on this page, you are welcome to contact us at or check out our page about “What you get as member”.

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Hot to get started


  1. Click on “Agent packages” in the top of the website
  2. Select the package you wish to sign up for
  3. Go to the registration page and confirm/pey
  4. With in 24 hours, your account will be live and ready to go!



How you pay and register


After you choose a package, you will automatically be send to the checkout / payment page.

  1. Fill in all fields with your information
  2. Select payment
  3. Click on the button to finish




How to navigate


In the top of the website, your navigation will show after you create an account and buy a package. You will have several options from here.

  • Your account
    • Find all your personal information, your package, payment history and more
    • Edit your profile, username, password and more
    • Edit your agent profile, company name, gallery etc.
  • Your properties
    • Find the list of all your properties here. You can edit, update, delete and much more.
    • Add and upload new properties
    • Remove old properties
  • “Property wanted” database
    • This feature, will open a database of all the leads contacting us directly. You will be able to find all the details as name, phone, email, budget, preferred area, and much more, for every single lead. Enjoy!





How to add a new property


  1. Make sure to be logged in
  2. Look in the menu in the top of the website
  3. Point your mouse on the item “Your properties” 
  4. Select the second link “Add/Upload property




How to get clients

Exclusive leads/clients

On all the properties you upload to our website, there is a contact form in the right side.

If a client uses this form, you will be the only one who get the email, as you are the user who own this property in the website. You can share your properties on Facebook, Google+ and any other place you wish, and still be sure, that you will get all the contacts by your self and not share with anyone else.



“Property wanted” database

RECM has a feature, that offers potential clients to use our concept called the “Property profile”. The potential clients, will fill out a form with all the details of the property that they are looking for.

When they do, all agents with a package on our website will get an email with the details, and you will also be able to open the database when you log in, to browse all the potential leads, and contact the ones you want to.



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