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Our website is one of the biggest databases of property listings in Chiang Mai. The website is updated daily, not only by our agents, but by all our agency partners as well. We have several features here to contact the owner or agent directly, search by a specific agency or use our property profile where you can contact all agencies in Chiang Mai at one single time.

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When you buy a house or condo

Can i own land in Thailand?

This is a hard question to answer. Both yes and no… The rules are that no foreigner can own land. There for you most likely to hear from agents that it’s not possible. And often the solution is that you can rent the land for a 100 years and that way buy the house.

But there is a way for you, to own the land and the house. If you open a BOI company, this company can be owned by a foreigner 100%, and this company is able to own one piece of land. Which means that on the paper it’s the company that owns the land and house, but you own the company 100%.

This is not easy as set though, the procedure is long and expensive.

When you rent a house or condo

How much do i have to pay for deposit

In Thailand, a deposit to rent a condo or house or any other property is commonly 2 month rent. That means, when you move in to a new home, you will have to pay 2 month rent as deposit and the first month rent upfront, so in total 3 month rent.

Can i be sure to get my deposit back?

In many countries, getting back your deposit can be a hard task when you move out from a rented unit. But in Thailand our experience is, that the landlords are very fair, and in most cases tenants get’s 100% of their deposit back. If the tenant leaves the rented unit in a good shape, with no stuff broken etc. they will get the whole deposit back. Ofcourse there can ba “bad” landlords in between, that will hold the deposit of any course. In case something like that happens, the agency will help as they best can, to get back the deposit for the tenant.

Who are Real Estate Chiang Mai ?

We are a professional real estate company, located in Chiang Mai. We are a small but fast growing agency in Chiang Mai. Our main target group is foreigners who live in Chiang Mai for long term. Service is our highest priority, we work hard to understand our clients needs and wishes.

I our biggest challenge being a small agency, is actually to have enough properties to show. We get a lot of requests daily from clients looking to buy or rent a house or condo in Chiang Mai, but sometimes we have to let our client’s down as we not have enough properties to show them.

BUT, of course we have been thinking how to overcome this challenge and we have found the solution. Now we are proud to present Emma, who are our new property agent. She will do anything she can to find the properties that our clients are looking for. She is working full time and every time we have a client looking for a house or condo with some preferences that we cannot meet, she will go out to find the condo or house for the client.

There for, we are now very fast growing. Our property database is growing every day and so are our network and clients. So if you are looking for a new home or new place to stay in Chiang Mai, please let us know, as we will do anything we can to help you in your search of your new home.t

We also strive to make the property market better and at higher quality, so we are constantly looking for new or renovated condos and houses that is more inviting and nice that the regular small thai houses that you see many places around the city.

In our website, we hope that you feel that you will find better properties than many of the other websites from other agencies in Chiang Mai. The goal is to make a property database with high end quality properties for reasonable rent or price in Chiang Mai.

Investing in Chiang Mai properties

At the moment there is a small bubble going on in Chiang Mai, so now wont be the best time to make an investment. However good deals can still be done at the moment. The reason is, that many thai people make loans in the bank higher than they can actually pay. So many of the new condos and houses will be bought from thai people and later on become available for sale as they can’t pay there loan. When this happens the property will be very cheap, and that can end up as your perfect investment.

Another choice can also be to buy some of the condos located in the older buildings around Chiang Mai and renovate them. This is often a better choice actually as you get to put your personal touch on the condos instead of buying a brand new and fully furnished condo, that is already designed.

If you are looking to invest in Chiang Mai, we will also be able to help you make exclusive deals and find low priced condos for quick sale, and help you to renovate the condos as well. This is something where we will help you, guide you and follow you from start to beginning.

Fees to pay as property owner in Thailand

This question is being asked a lot from foreigners before purchasing a condo in Chiang Mai. The reason is that most countries around the globe has fees and taxes to pay to the government every year, and that makes it normal for foreigners. But, in Thailand this is not the case. After you have purchased your property, there are not fees to pay anymore. The government is talking about changing this though, as the country could use some more money and seeing how well other countries do, this could be a way to get some more money in the government.

Although they are aware that this will be a critical change for many of the people who already purchased condos and will be a big factor for the current owners, some might have to make quick sales as they can't afford the property anymore and some might just raise the rent of the condos.

But as it is for now, there are now fees to pay as a property owner after you have purchased it.

Rent in Chiang Mai

To rent a condo in Chiang Mai, you just need to pay your deposit and a copy of your passport. All the rentals that we have is long term rentals, which means that you wont be able to rent anything lower than 6 month from us. When you sign the contract with us to rent a house or condo, we will always be on your side. Our contract and terms of condition takes care of you so that you will be treated correctly. We make sure that you get your deposit back when you move to a new place, and that you will be treated fair.

When you move from one place to another, we can also help you to find services to move your stuff for you, and if it is not too much, we can move it with one of our cars.

Rent condo

There are so many opportunities when you need to rent a condo in Chiang Mai. At the moment, there are being build a lot in Chiang Mai and this makes it more and more attractive to rent and less attractive to buy. Why you think? Because the market in Chiang Mai is being overfloated with new condominiums. The market right now is therefor very good for rentals, because people are afraid to buy, because some think that the market will crack in a few years and then the condos will be with out any value, which properly is correct. Those who already bought as an investment, are now desperate to find people to rent the condos, and the rent per month, is just going down as we speak.

So if you are look to rent in Chiang Mai, now is a good time. If you are looking to buy in Chiang Mai, you should maybe consider again and start to rent and see the future before you decide.

Rent house

If you are a foreigner and you want to live in a house, there are not many options other than rent your house. The reason is that the Thai government has made a rule about foreigners not being able to own land in Thailand. It is understandable really, because if foreigners could buy land in Thailand or Chiang Mai, rich people from all over the world would come here, to buy the land, and in the end the whole country would be owned by foreigners.

So if you want to live in a house, you will need to rent it, unless you have a Thai wife that you love and trust very much, you can buy the house in her name, or another options is if you happen to be the managing director in a BOI company, then you are actually entitled to own one piece of land in Thailand.

But these are criterias that most people living here can’t fulfill, so if you need a house in Chiang Mai, the right way to go is to rent it. Also now does not seems like the time to buy, try check the section above about “Rent condo” where i explain about the market position in Thailand and Chiang Mai at the moment.

Buying property in Chiang Mai

When buying a property in Chiang Mai, many questions will have to be answered, but don’t worry,we are here to help you. We know the rules and we will take care of everything for you, so that you wont have to think about it. Just let us know about your preferences and budget and we will do the rest for you. As you might already know, foreigners can’t own land, at least not 100% of the land, so most foreigners choose to buy condos instead of houses as they can’t be the owner of a house 100%. However there are methods where you add several independent thai persons on the paper, so that they all together owns 51% of the house, of course these people should not know each other, but there will always be a risk. You will own the rest 49% by your self and there by have the majority of the house.

Another solution could be that you are the owner of a company and you convert that company to a BOI company if it’s not already a BOI company. When you own a BOI company, you can also own one pease of land as the CEO of the company, but this method requires you to actively have a BOI company.